While being a constitutive condition of human nature, love remains the incontrovertible premise of our suffering.
The pain of love is the affect that results from the brutal rupture of a bond that connects me to the person or to the thing that I love. This rupture, violent and sudden, immediately produces an internal pain experienced as a ripping of the soul, as a mute scream bursting from the entrails.
The more one loves, the more one suffers. We are dependent, “in the most dangerous way” in our love-object and we expose ourselves to “extreme suffering” when we lose it.

Dice Freud que “cuanto más ama uno, más sufre” para agregar luego: “Nunca estamos menos protegidos contra el sufrimiento que cuando amamos y nunca seremos más irremediablemente infelices que cuando hayamos perdido a la persona amada o su amor”